Teaching-Methodology@ JKP International School

The World of Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

The tiny tots of Montessori and Kindergarten learn in a congenial and friendly atmosphere. The play way method ensures the active participation of all the young learners. They perform various activities in the Activity Room to hone their motor and cognitive skills. The young kids relish the swings available in the school premises viz. see-saw, merry-go-round, slides, spin-o-round, spring rides. These toddlers recite rhymes and poems on the stage to harness their considerable talent and bolster their confidence. Dancing on various tunes is their favorite activity. The fashion show activity is also organized so as to provide the young learners a platform to compete with their follow mates.

Linguistic Guild

The modern era of communication poses formidable and considerable challenges before the aspiring scholars. The school ensures that the students are prepared to meet the daunting challenges of this world of competition. They are provided systematic and intensive training in Received Pronunciation, Accent and Intonation. Their linguistic, interpersonal and conversational skills are harnessed effectively. They are offered tremendous opportunities to wax eloquent about their talent as orators. The learners voluntarily and enthusiastically participate in Symposium, Debate, Declamation Contest, Poem Recitation, One Act Play, News Reading and Skits to renew their absolute confidence

Pedagogic Principles

Pedagogic innovation has transformed the modern educational scenario. The approach and teaching methodologies of facilitators have undergone a sea change to make the teaching learning process effective and interesting for the students inclined towards science and technology. The classroom where rote learning reigned for centuries have become obsolete and outdated. There is no doubt that necessity is the mother of invention. The facilitators felt it the dire need of the hour to convert the monotonous classrooms into productive and constructive workshops so as to engage the hyper active and ambidextrous learners of the digital world. Thus, the sanguine teachers at the school create innumerable opportunities for the young scholars to learn by doing. They facilitate learning and meticulously plan the brainstorming and problem solving sessions with the help of DVD's, Digital Projectors, Promethean Boards, Internet and various software available in the school. The onerous responsibility of stimulating the students' artistic creativity and nurturing their inbred talent in a congenial and convivial atmosphere with dexterity is ef2ciently shouldered by the stakeholders of the school.

Applied Sciences

Strengthening the pupil's scientific credentials is an onerous responsibility. The School accomplishes this formidable task with astonishing ease. The school provides the scientifically inclined scholars with state-of-theart labs and the systematic hands-on training. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Composite Labs are well furnished so as to satisfy the insatiable curiosity of the aspiring scientists. All labs are innovatively designed and replete with ultramodern equipment, apparatuses and devices.

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