Facilities@ JKP International School

Magnificent Digital Library

The school has a well stocked and ornately furnished digital library. It comprises valuable classics, impressive reference section, national and international journals, magazines, a multitude of educational CD's and DVD's and comprehensive bilingual, etymological, biographical, and encyclopedic lexicons. The erudite scholars acquire profound knowledge and sharpen their intellect amid fascinating multidisciplinary books. The stunning and heterogeneous collection of books bewitches even those who fail to understand the immense signi2cance of extensive reading habits.

Computer Complex

The School has a computer complex which caters to the need of all the pupils of the school irrespective of their standard. The tiny tots move their 2ngers on the keyboard thoughtfully and operate the mouse meticulously. All the computer labs are well equipped with i5 processors and 2mbps internet speed. The school has 100 PC's with LCD screens. The senior students can access internet round the clock to download the research journals pertaining to various subjects.

Co-Scholastic Activities

The principal objective of education is to transform the tedious and monotonous processes of the teaching learning process into constructive and hands-on experiences. The meticulously planned recreational and leisure activities produce creative, original and critical thinkers. The school's explicit aim is to explore the tremendous and unfulfilled potential of the aspiring artistes, writers, poets, performers, scientists and artists. The erudite scholars who perform on the stage develop great self confidence and practically guarantee their perfect and peaceful life. The school regularly organizes co-scholastic activities for giving ample opportunities to its stakeholders to hone their various skills

House System

The co-scholastic activities are essential for the harmonious growth of a learner. The house system has been evolved to promote the aesthetic, cultural, emotional, social, and communicative competence of the budding scholars. The school aims at preparing students to 2ght off the intense competition with astonishing ease. Each student is allotted a particular house at the time of admission and he/she retains his/her absolute loyalty to the house during his/her stay in the school. The system assiduously cultivates rigorous discipline, dynamic leadership, a sense of belongingness and the spirit of sportsmanship. The school is presently divided into 4 houses viz. Alexandria Red Nalanda Green Pisa Yellow Takshila Blue

training in calisthenics

Games play a significant role in shaping the destiny of learners. They instil a pervasive sense of responsibility and innate understanding in the academically burdened souls. Each individual must practice the cardinal virtues and universal human values to attain phenomenal success in this ever changing world. Experienced educationists have realized that it is perfectly possible when a child is consistently and intensely trained in calisthenics. Games give them an outlet for their inexhaustible and unFagging energy. Keeping the pupils engaged is considered absolutely essential to unearth their innate talent and untapped potential. The school has a 200 meters track for athletes, a football ground of international standards, a basketball court, a volleyball ground and a badminton court. Students have the facility to get relaxed by playing the indoor games viz. chess, carom board, table-tennis. The trainers at the school have the firm conviction that a sound mind lives in a sound body. Thus, games receive assiduous attention so that posterity does not feel the need for panacea.

Cultural exchange programs, Excursions,Tours & Trips

The basic purpose of education is to encourage the hands-on approach. Pupils must experience indigenous and global culture pragmatically. Educational tours, cultural exchange programmes, sightseeing and pleasure trips whet the pupils' appetite for the first hand and profound knowledge. The national and international exposure gives them fascinating insights into life at various places. The buoyant and lively facilitators intend to take the knowledge crazy students away from books to refresh them.


The School has a Feet of new buses which ply between the school campus and almost every nook and cranny of the vicinity. All the drivers are experienced, cool and cooperative. The school transport services are provided to students for making their journey convenient and safe. The transport charges are bare minimum and reasonable. All the buses are comfortable and conform to traffic regulations.

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